Far Gazer, Life Chaser

Far Gazer, Life Chaser is a budget travel blog by a Filipina Student-of-the-Universe. With a healthy smattering of literature, nature, philosophy, fitness, and inspiration on the side, the blog aims to share, entertain, and educate.

Conceptualized on January 16, 2013, officially created a week later on January 23, 2013. Here’s to hoping for a long-lived, well-loved blog!

Shaira the Fargazer

What more can I say of life except that I’ve come to love the universe, and anything that reminds me that I am woven intricately in its fabric?

I love nature, plants (trees in particular), mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. I love practicing yoga, running, and swimming. I love reading fantasy and so-called “deep” and “intelligent” books, though to label them like that seems to cheapen them. I also love to write, but I prefer to dream. Learning languages quickly is a weird childhood talent of mine. Perhaps the only one.

And then of course the travel bug chewed my head off one fine, peaceful evening, and now I’m on a Moste Holy Quest to see my home country, the Philippines, in all its colorful, quirky splendor. Only then can I let myself travel the world.

I am made exaggeratedly, almost-embarrassingly happy by clear beaches. I’m on a mission to scour the 7,000+ Islands of the Philippines for its best beaches, and then some. I’m not even going to attempt to write down the countries I want to visit, anymore. We’ll get there when we get there, together. :)

My ideal retirement scenario is to live on a tropical island with a chunk of white sand beach readily accessible to my then-osteoporosistic ancient self, with my own garden of flowers and fruits and home-grown vegetables, and magnificent trees I’ve planted myself some thirty years ago, in the same year my firstborn was born. My kids would ideally be out and about, changing the world. Or drafting the sequel of a book I never quite got around to finishing. Of course, the scene is incomplete without someone special to share it all with, who enjoys every bit of my idea of paradise as much as I do. It’s my number one criteria in the life-partner hunt, after all.

Think this, but wrinkly:


For those inclined to further curiosity, here’s my travel map.

To My Fellow Far-Gazing, Life-Chasers

Maybe you came across this and maybe we share the exact same feelings about life… most travel-and-nature lovers do. I’m inviting you to participate with me in the celebration of those tidbits of life we both know to be scandalously wonderful. Perhaps there’ll be more of the trivial stories that paint the patchwork quilt of our lives. Either way, I believe they’re meant to be shared, no matter that they’ll never be fully understood in the context that gave them such value in our hearts in the first place. And while they say travelers are doomed to be forever lonely, perhaps together we can pay our respects to those special moments in our travels when we were brought to feel, beyond the reaches of our comprehension, but without a single doubt, inseparable from all of creation.

Shaira the Fargazer



Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely of the author’s unless specifically cited, and made under the assumption of an open-minded, intelligent readership.

11 thoughts on “About Fargazer

  1. You have a very interesting site here. You have the ability to tell a good story and intermix it with awesome photos. Not many people cando that myself included !!


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