I will never ever ever get tired of what everyone calls ‘bumming’. It’s recreational and existential more than experiential and practical, yes, and what’s happening is that people have become too narrow-minded and entirely brainwashed that their self-worth must always be directly proportional to what they think ‘productivity’ means, which has come to be synonymous to money for some retarded reason, and they can’t even step back and sit still and let themselves BE anymore. They don’t know how to, not since they left Kindergarten, that glorious era when the world respected you enough to let you have a time set-aside specifically for napping and playing and following your passions.

Whatever manipulative linguistic hegemony is out there has unfairly and dismissively labeled this state of existence as ‘bumming’, and it frustrates me to no end because this is the exact same thing that happens with people boxed and associated with the words, ‘clinically depressed’, ‘artist’, and ‘escapist’. I like to think it isn’t escapist. I like to think that it’s a standard so high, so unreachable by the common human creature that allows himself to be so unquestioningly objectified, that these masses have ganged up and ‘defensively oppressed’ the ideal of the subjective by calling it names. Now, isn’t that the business of insecure school bullies? And the drones consume on, egg it on, mindless, in a setup that works only as long as life has not yet severely fucked you to the core, until the point where you have to stop and begin to question things.

And then the disillusionment! Shatter! Shatter! You see now what I mean?

What kind of human being has a passion for making money, I ask you? None! Only robots, and those desensitized by the world, too afraid to go after the things that no amount of money can even hope to buy or rent or approximate. Money is a means, it can never be an end. So don’t think I’m shooting myself in the foot for wanting a job that pays well, because I can guarantee you that that is not all that I will do with this life, it is only a means to a better end, to sustain the creation of my legacy, the things I will make and do and share that will last—-surely things produced in the time when you turned up your high, high nose in disgust, and thought I was ‘bumming’.

Shaira the Fargazer

So what do you think?

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