Is that it is actually paradise.
At the first hints, everybody
Drop everything
Stop what you’re doing
(Like you’ve always wanted to)


Take off all your clothes
Like you’ve always wanted to,
While you’re at it.

You are not a lawyer
Not a doctor
Not a student.

You are a person;
You should be living
Like you’ve always wanted to

2 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About The Apocalypse

    • Precisely why I think an Apocalypse of sorts would involve the destruction of every construct we’ve made up about how life “should” be lived, and conversely, hence, an apocalypse. I think the way we collectively see what’s right and what’s practical and what’s expected of humans have become very perverted, that this kind of “apocalypse” seems like it’s something to look forward to than to fear.


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